Help Elon Musk's Robot AI Terafrom Mars! Collect water to help your plants grow, but watch out for those Martian Spiders!


Use `WSDA` or `Arrow Keys` and `Space` to move.

More Info

Terraforming Mars was built in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 46 Compo, with the theme 'Keep it Alive'. The game is fully playable, but I ran out of time for a few things, including sound. But if enough people like this game I will improve it and add the missing features.

The game was built with Unity and the source code is available on GitHub:

Thank you to everyone who leaves a rating and feedback. Big love and respect to anyone who competed in this Jam. 😃


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Neat game. I liked the combination of clicker and platformer. It reminds me of unfolding games like "a dark room".

I'm pleased you liked it. I like games that offer switching between game modes. Originally this was going to have more management gameplay than clicker - but limited to Jam time. Thank you for your feedback.